Our Products Benifites

Safety, Day time Visibility, Night- Time Visibility, Wear Resistant, Fast Drying, Durability, Usability and more..


Using thermoplastic line markings can make roads, parks, and walkways safer. This type of paint is brighter, slip resistant and has enhanced reflective qualities, and increased durability.

Day time Visibility

Our thermoplastic paint provides highest daytime visibility to improve the quality of information being imparted to the driver

Night- Time Visiblity

The Transparent glass beads give the thermoplastic material retro-reflective abilities and brightness. This makes it much easier to spot the marking at night and during bad weather when visibility is low

Wear Resistant

The thermoplastic materials have high strength and resistance which provides a longer lifespan to the road marking infrastructure. They do not fade or degrade easily, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Fast Drying

Thermoplastic markings dry quickly. This is a big advantage in high traffic areas as the road surface can be used without too much delay or disruption.


Thermoplastic paint is strong and highly durable. When applied correctly. With no additional maintenance required after application the material provides a highly visual cost effective solution.


Thermoplastic line markings can be used in a variety of ways. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can benefit from their properties.


Superior performance,
High skid resistance, Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than cold paints,
High Softening Point,
Contains retroreflective glass beads throughout material,
Non-Toxic and completely safe for the environment,
Excellent choice for high traffic parking lots or roadways,
Impervious to the effects of oil and grease,
Value for money with long lasting results