Road Paints Industries has to pleasure to introduce itself as one of the leading quality manufacturer of thermoplastic Road Marking materials' in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and now exporting throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Far East.

Marafiq Al Toroq Cont. being a mother company of Road Paints Industries was founded in 2009 as specificed contractor in traffic safety works in KSA and armed with valuable knowledge and experience in road marking industry. With the support of Marafiq Al Toroq, Road Paints Industries was able to become in record time, a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic marking paint in this region.

We started the business with an aim to produce the best quality paint products . Quality remains our manifesto. With our commitment to research and development together with our experience and knowledge. With the belief that innovative technology shall ensure reliable products, Research & Development (R&D) plays a crucial role in road marking industry. We have been investing considerable in R & D works in our factory to keep abreast with emerging technology so that high- functional and high-valved new products can be offered.We are quite aware that customers from different regions will have different requirements. We have to ensure in providing unique products that can satisfy them. The continues improvement in existing products is a

responsibility of R & D department. Which is working under the head of an work hard to re develop the products which should be more resistant to climate changes and extreme weather conditions Quality standards that you can count on. Road Paints Industries has the complete in-house laboratory to test raw materials and finished products. Not a single batch of any finished product can be supplied to the market without qulaity control department examination and approval. Our quality control inspection team ensures that every product leaving our plant meets or beats industry standards for accuracy, durability and value. To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirments, and ensuring that the correct produces are followed to meet those requirements. Quality of our products make us exclusive and distinctive among others. An on-going training is also in place so that the most rigorous testing methods and procedures can be applied at the finished product stage.

Our diverse and experienced team continues to improve our products and streamline our processes. Our most important objective is still also in the future, to justify and maintain the trust shown to us by our customers. We will therefore be using our whole knowledge and ability in the on-going development of products and services.

Our Vision

we will become the leading road marking paint manufacturer in the region ensuring highest customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

It is our mission to use the experience of past, human capital of the present and technology of the future to manufacture premium quality road marking paints for customers.

Guiding Principles

1. To do what we say, and say what we do.
2. To honor our agreements
3. To always do our best.